…And I’ll call you by mine

Some people don’t enjoy watching movies that make them cry, I get it– it can be embarrassing wiping tears off your face in front of strangers in the theatre. But if you were watching Call Me by Your Name, an indie art house film by Luca Guadagnino, no matter how much you’ll try to brave through your vulnerabilities, you will fail, you will break, and you’ll be so happy that you did.

You will be reminded of the visceral feeling you felt the first time you fell in love. That madly, giddily, dancing-in-the-street type of happiness.

It started out as a crush, at first you don’t realize it–why am I upset when he didn’t show up for dinner? Why do I make fun of him behind his back? Why do I make it difficult for him to talk to me when all I ever wanted is to be near him? Why do I stay up all night waiting for him and find it impossible to sleep until I’ve heard his footsteps coming home?

And then came love–one of the most beautiful love stories ever told. Beautiful not just because it took place in a sensual Italian summer, where everyday was spent sunning by the pool or swimming in the river.

But because it was real. Real kicked-in-the-stomach pain you’ve felt when you had to say goodbye; real every-minute-feels-like-days anticipation of the time you’ll meet; real hanger-in-the-mouth ear to ear grins on your face when you’re together.

So real that it invigorates you, as you’re reminded that “our hearts and bodies are only given to us once in our life” and you want to make the fullest of that, whatever the risk.

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