Give ’em the cold shoulder

And I don’t mean this in the unfriendly evasive manner like you don’t give a damn. I just mean, literally, show off your shoulders in an effortless, #iwokeuplikethis kind of way, whenever possible. That’s the vibe I feel when I see any picture of any woman ever wearing an off the shoulder top—happy, free, edgy, and damn sexy. So much so I wonder why we ever had tops with covered shoulders?

A woman’s bare shoulders and back exude the kind of sex appeal that’s mysterious, salivating, and irresistible. Sure a deep décolletage with exposed breasts is nice, but it’s too obvious, cliché, and well within reach. I happen to prefer seduction in the least accessible way possible, that’s why they call it the “art of seduction”, right?

Also loving how much fun fashion is having with the off the shoulder look—ruffles, poufy sleeves, on a dress, on a plain tee, denim, silk, you name it, they have it. And miraculously, it’s the only trend that looks good in all shapes and sizes. It works with anything too—skirts, jeans, denim cut-offs—you can have a different look for everyday of the summer, although I’m tempted to carry it through to the last day of Fall.

If you still don’t have an off the shoulder anything in your closet, go out and get one pronto.

If the stores are all sold out, get a pair of scissors and be the Raf Simmons of your own wardrobe (yes I do mean cut the shoulders off your existing clothes 🙂). 

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