Choker Face

I think it was really @margaret__zhang who not only started, but perfected the greatest choker comeback of all time. She’s really onto something–the likes of today’s biggest “It” girls @gigihadid, @kendaljenner, @caradelevingne etc. were all spotted sporting the trend. @katehudson strutted down the Golden Globes red carpet in a three piece “choker” look just to catch on.

In fact, according to Google Trends, searches for “choker” was virtually non-existent until late 2014 and has since sky rocketed three folds!

I went through Margaret’s Insta feed and picked out few of my favourites–here’s what I figured on how to master choker perfection a la the effortless rockstar


opt for basic black silky ribbons

pair with open collar tops to really show off the choker

dare to layer with simple slinky jewelry

dress casually, no need to choker on top of formalwear

experiment and not be afraid to fail, if you can’t rock it, just take it off and go on with your day!

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