COS, Coat


Originally, I had plans to procure a camel coloured coat this winter. You know, one of those classics every fashion blog has commanded you to own. I pictured a velvety, creamy, cashmere-y coat so soft to the touch, that you’d want to snuggle in it all winter long.

Many years ago, I came face-to-face with a Max Mara number that fitted that exact description: ankle length, hidden buttons, beautifully tied together with an enclosed belt. I was window shopping with a friend and couldn’t resist the temptation to try it on..and bam, I went from “she-can-never-afford-this-coat-forever21-girl” to “I-am-Olivia Palermo-for-a-living-20something-sociallite” in a blink of an eye.

It was gorgeous. I swear my mouth foamed up with drool when I saw myself in the mirror. It was also ridiculous: not only for its price tag, but I’d literally have to reinvent myself in order to pull it off (new shoes, scarf, bag, sunglasses, and better also get a chauffer). Reluctantly, I peeled it off– but to my surprise, I immediately felt liberated without it. It just wasn’t my time yet for a coat like that.

Last winter, I finally had the fortune of checking out a COS store having read about its minimalistic chic design so long ago. I loved everything in the store–simple yet architectural, with muted sex appeal, very Scandinavian– which made sense for being the elegant older sister of H&M. Then this coat caught my eye, it was so different: its silhouette is not feminine but boxy, material is not velvety soft but slightly rough, colour is certainly not camel but grey. But I fell in love with it just as same as the Max Mara, except, I felt 100% myself in it.

Sometimes we get lost coveting for something for the wrong reasons—isn’t it more important to opt for a garment that makes you, you?

COS structured coat
COS Coat

COS structured coat

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