Your arm, hand, and shoulder’s best friend -Style staple #11 the bag-


Did you know…

your best arm candy is not your current boyfriend nor your future husband.

It is your beloved bag.

We are not talking about your trendiest purse nor the sexiest evening clutch, but your everyday companion, who is perfectly attractive on its own but has never stolen your spotlight.

It complements you; makes you look taller, slimmer, and prettier.

It travels with you around the world, to Paris even, winning approving looks from the toughest fashion critic, the Parisian women.

It accompanies you to the fanciest dinner parties as well as to the dullest places like your doctor’s office or the grocery store.

It holds your hand and latches onto your arm through the busiest crowds, never parting you.

It sits quietly near you when your focus is elsewhere like watching a movie or catching butterflies, patiently awaits you.

It will not blame you when you have a “fall out” and will be just as happy to reunite as the first day you brought it home.

It’s like your best friend but better. I guarantee that you will never have a quarrel or a misunderstanding.

I am grateful to my best bag friend. And I hope you are too.



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