The Bling Ring -Style staple #12 the right hand ring-

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 Many years ago, there was a diamond ring ad campaign I loved called “The Right Hand Ring”.

It featured quirky and empowering slogans that read your left hand says “I love you” and your right hand says “I love me too”.

I liked the refreshing perspective of celebrating you and you alone. It’s a novel idea to own an important ring that’s neither for your engagement nor wedding. It’s to acknowledge a milestone you’ve achieved, award a promotion you’ve earned, and to remember a journey you took. It’s about pushing yourself higher when you’re feeling down and pulling yourself together when you’re flying high.

Here, I want to try a few “right hand ring” lines myself:

Your left hand knows its limits. Your right hand wants to have it all.

Your left hand asks for permission. Your right hand begs for forgiveness.

Your left hand writes the wedding vows. Your right hand plans the Bachelorette party.

Your left hand says “I’ll think about it”. Your right hand says “I’ll take it”

“Women of the world, raise your right hand”


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