Fashionable dog collar -style staple # 6 the chain necklace-

gold chain

I still remember the day I found this vintage gold plated chain necklace. I was with my dad at his favorite consignment store as he was super excited to show me couple paintings he had put on hold. It always happens like that, you often come across a great find when you least expect it.

I fell in love with the chain immediately. It had a perfect chain-to-chain ratio, uniformed and unfussy. It also helped that it closely resembled a much coveted David Yurman necklace I had been lusting after since the beginning of time.

Why is it such a treasure, you ask.

It has a good weight, which speaks to its quality.

A great colour, which makes it universally flattering.

A good length, so that it will work on any collar.

If you can only own one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, go for a classic chain. It is the closest thing to perfection and it will outlast any trend, any time.


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