dot dot dot -style stape #3-

polka dot

If there is one kind pattern that I could wear season after season, year after year, day and night, it would have to be the Polka dot.

Back when I first started wearing polka dot in high school, a lot of my friends made fun of me for wearing “grandma” clothes. I suppose I had it coming since no where in Forever 21 or American Eagle could you find a piece of clothing with polka dot (yes, American Eagle was cool in 2002). Finally, Lindasy Lohan saved the day when she rocked an irresistible polka dot mini skirt in Mean Girls. She had worn it with a hot pink tank with “Rebel” across the chest, which, once upon a time, I thought was brilliant. Since then, polka dot began creeping up on the shelves of fast fashion chains and thankfully, my friends came to their senses and no longer thought of the pattern as something only someone very old would wear.

Now that I am far beyond my teenage years, polka dot mini skirts are definitely out of the question. Instead, I indulge in long skirts, a-line dresses, or the occasional skinny pants. Perfect when paired with neutrals and a demure lip stick, it’s a sure way to channel Grace Kelly’s timeless style without looking like a “grandma”.

Go out and pick up something polka dot, you might be surprised of how youthful it’ll make you feel.


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