for Shilo. and our love for fashion -style staple #2, stripes-



I dedicate this post to my good friend, Shilo.

She was (still is in my heart) beautiful. She had extremely long legs and a head of gorgeous hair. I remember before we became close, I casually mentioned to her that she should be a model. Being the humble person that she was, Shilo shyly laughed it off and shook her head. Of course, I eventually found out that she was indeed a professional model and had been successful for many years.

She believed in me and often encouraged me to pursue my passion for fashion. “We should go take pictures of your outfits so you can put them on your blog”, she exclaimed one day, and from there, pictures we took. During lunch hour, we would drive around the neighborhoods near our office in search of interesting places for the “shoot”. I was very glad that we had the same taste in photography where we liked random, unruly places as backgrounds.

We spotted this “no exit” road sign one day and were both so excited about the possible photo options we could make of it. You don’t see it in the picture here but the sign was positioned on top of a small hill. I had trouble climbing on top it in heels and was cursing the whole time. Shilo laughed, and I laughed too. Finally I got there and was making funny poses while Shilo professionally snapped away using an iPhone (yes we shot with our phone camera lol). We checked out a few pictures and found one we liked.

“Wait, what is that bucket in the background?” Shilo was very detail oriented as you can tell.

“Man, I don’t think I can get over there to move it” I was, as usual, feeling lazy.

“I’ll go!” Shilo volunteered.

She climbed on top of the hill and gingerly kicked the bucket out of the way. Again, we were laughing the whole time and I felt a little bad that she had to do it. She said she wasn’t wearing heels so it would be easier for her. At that moment, I felt so lucky to have her as a friend.

So now that the bucket was out of the way, we tried remaking that perfect shot. Unfortunately, the moment couldn’t be recaptured. We agreed that the one with the bucket was far better than our new attempts. She liked the picture a lot, declared it as “fierce, and very Vogue like”. I thought it was too much but secretively really liked the picture as well.

We decided it will serve as good blog post on stripes and the art of mix-and-match.

So here we are. I am finally writing this post in tears and am devastated that she won’t get to read it.

To my lovely #modelturnedphotographer, you will forever be in my heart.


2 thoughts on “for Shilo. and our love for fashion -style staple #2, stripes-

  1. She was indeed beautiful, humble and a good friend. She brought out the best in all of us, and we’ll forever be better people for having known her.

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