Plain Jean

As recent as a couple of years ago, I remember poking fun at my boyfriend (my secret stylist) for strutting a denim on denim ensemble.
“Are you mad? no one had worn jeans with a denim shirt since the 90’s.”
He was confident in his choice, “just wait and see, it will become a trend.”

Fast forward to today, he’s not only right, but so much so that I wish I never discarded my vintage inspired Gap denim button down from junior high.

Thanks to the power of ever evolving social media a la Pinterest and Instagram, street style trendsetters have became the “new icons” in fashion. They’re experimental, unconventional, and unexpectedly, right on the money.
It’s about transformation in the most understated way you can imagine. Luxe glitter with plain white tee and acid washed denim jacket. Who knew a skirt as puffy as your ballet tutu can be worn in bright day light when topped with a distressed denim shirt. The humble beginnings of denim has been upgraded to celebrity status with the addition of leopard’s sexy opulence. Or when all else fails, always fall back on ethereal classic coolness of denim on denim.

Whatever it is.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to discover the charm of your most wicked closet staple: denim.

Images courtesy of the various cool pinners on Pinterest
Images courtesy of the various cool pinners on Pinterest

One thought on “Plain Jean

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