Boy Meets Girl

There’s a new thing happening in fashion lately, masculine women’s wear.

Designers weren’t afraid to blend bold and strong lines unique to men’s tailoring into ladylike stylings.

For a while, I have been an obedient follower to the rule of elevated waist lines for an allusion of longer legs and properness like that of Duchess Kate. But Alexander Wang has proven me all wrong with the introduction of dropped waist. A masculine take on the female silhouette proves to be daringly groovy, hip, and more importantly, modern. She who sports the dropped waist is carefree and unbounded from the common cliches.

Stella McCartney’s tom boy is wrapped around in the sexiest pinstripes I have ever seen. Doesn’t that long pinstripe dress remind you of a special man’s wool sweater you have your morning coffees in? It hugs the body in all of the right ways, yet when you look closely, it’s not hugging the body at all. It’s seductive without showing an inch of skin, and confident without a hint pretentiousness.

The ultimate boyish charm came down Dries Van Noten’s runway. Relaxed trousers topped with the coolest way to tie a scarf.  Who knew mustard yellow could look so chic paired with the right shades of blue? I am inspired by this laid back sophistication and can’t wait to spin off a boyish femininity of my own.


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