Happy Collars

Give your jewelry box something to be excited about and fill it up with colour-drenched jewels this season.

Choose a colour you’ve never owned before, like that naive shade of turquoise, so tingling and fresh. I love how delicate the floral petals are pieced together, sweet and inviting. It would pair perfectly with a bright contrasting hue like mango orange or blushing fuchsia.

Go big or go home with this bejeweled web of rustic crystals. Its bronze undertone ages the chain beautifully, as if it’s lived many years and full of vintage tales. I love how elegant it is without a hint of pride, effortlessly comfortable in its own skin.

And what’s not to love of this quirky orange chain? It has a bright colour of happiness and an upbeat personality to match. Wear it with a Little Black Dress on Saturday and a cheery shade of crewneck sweater on Sunday and you’re guaranteed to have enough positive energy to carry you through Monday.

Whatever the occasion, whichever the day, make a playful statement by putting on something stunning around your neck!


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