For Your Eyes Only

Sometimes, we, women, forget how important it is to impress ourselves. We often dress up for work, a soirée, a third date, or an ex boyfriend; yet overlook the dress code for valuable alone time.

Curled up on the couch in a robe and Lulu’s, cooking by the fire in your mom’s apron, and worst of all, going to bed in an old “I heart NY” tee… I say it’s time we start dressing up for us. Doesn’t have to be uncomfortably sexy, but does have to be seductive enough that you’d want to spend couple more minutes in front of the full length mirror…

I love what Natalie Portman wore in “the other woman”,  simple, silky, and soft.

I also like the ivory lace slip from La Perla. It’s something you can save for a special night alone.

The kimono robe from Agent Provocateur is another must have. The saying goes that the traditional kimono is  only worn for ceremonious occasions in Japanese culture; I purpose we embrace our bodies in the good stuff as often as we can. After all, everyday should be a toast to us!


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