Watch Out

I have been a fan of menswear watches for quite some time now.

Patek Philippe convinced me so; my infatuation with him was love at first sight.

Although I am yet a connoisseur, but the sleek and sophisticated silhouette screams subtle luxury and ingenious craftsmanship.

I’d love to pair something femme fatale with the masculine classic for a look that’s strong, with substance, and delicately seductive.

Perhaps this fantasy Louis Vuitton nude dress will be the perfect date for this yellow gold Calatrava. The sumptuous crocodile leather band brings just the right amount of glamour to the romantic eyelet frock.

My favorite polka-dot number will best complement the suave grace of the platinum Grand Complications. Both the dress and watch ooze a poetic charm and timeless appeal.

Trust that if I could…I would take both of them babies home.


One thought on “Watch Out

  1. in the last century, androgyny has been the driving force in women’s fashion. strong, independent women adopt the outward signs of masculinity like pants, oxford shoes and watches in their wardrobes to break yet another divide, the visual one this time, between the sexes. they’d waged war on the social status-quo a century ago and since then made tremendous strides in pursuit of their aim. however, they can’t escape their natural yearning to connect with the world of their childhood memories and dreams that bring warmth and comfort to their lives. Long live our childhood memories of trouble free days and running around under the eternal sun…

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