Dress me up, Dress me up

Dresses of sorts were the ubiquitous theme of New York Spring Fashion Week.

Every designer from New Age youngsters to seasoned veterans featured dress after dress in his/her collection.

I love love love dresses! The Spring Collection’s dresses had my jaws drop so much that I didn’t know how to seal my mouth.

Proenza Schouler’s daring number is in my favorite shade of sunflower yellow. Coupled with the most beautiful of blooming summer flowers, the dress is for the bold and confident ma ma mia in all of us.

Believe it or not, Victoria Beckham has been quietly brewing her own signature designs under the eponymous label. She has captured the essence of American sportswear and presented pieces with her own interpretation of couture sensibility. Utilizing classic colour blocking technique and exquisite tailoring, the dresses are sublime yet wearable, striking yet approachable, simple yet unbelievable.

Vera Wang has made her biggest breakthrough yet with the abundant use of colour and psychedelic prints.  No one other than Vera could create dresses as sexy as they’re pristine.  The dress is an architectural masterpiece constructed of soft pastel with chromatic floral in the most unconventional cut. I am loving that she’s experimenting the emerging trends of sportswear and infusing with it her quintessential Vera-isque flare.


One thought on “Dress me up, Dress me up

  1. When I see runway photos I try to think how the style could be adapted for ‘real life’. That dress in the middle could be very commercial – but is that an extra roll of fabric around the hips? Okay if you are a size 2, but very unflattering for most women. Great colours though.

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