White Stockings

I have always worn black opaque hosiery in winter with my dresses. I love the simplicity of a “mod” look and the way black paired flawlessly well with every style. I could never imagine myself in anything else but, especially white stockings…until the Fall Bottega Veneta campaign caught my eye.

The spread featured a slender brunette in gorgeous shades of crimson, coral, and blushing pink, sloping against what it looked like a gallery painting of charcoal sand. What stood out to me was the unexpected contrast of snow white stockings underneath the wine coloured mini wool skirt.

Unlike the stern characteristic of black opaque tights,  these pearl white stockings gave the look an unpredicted sense of enchantment. I took a deep whiff of this ethereal aroma through the glossy page of Vogue, stood back to appreciate the image from afar and decided that I was mesmerized.

Immediately, I recollected a similar infatuation I had with white stockings from a scene of Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, where Igor melted under Coco’s cream dress and white stockings on his piano bench. That was the first time I uncovered the latent yet alluring sex appeal of white.

Thank you Thomas Maier for reminding me to break the mold of boring black and enlightening me of how understated white could be this intensely seductive.


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