Long Live Lee McQueen!

Ever since she took the hem at Alexander McQueen’s mythical fashion house, Sarah Burton has fascinated the industry with her undeniable talent to distill Lee’s distinctive aesthetic and preserve his legacy.

It’s such a pleasure to see in the Fall 2011 collection that Burton has infused her elegant femininity into the line that was otherwise known to be more rigid and firm. Who would’ve thought that simple colours of black, white, and grey can be so inventive and exquisite?

Feathers and bondages were married in perfect harmony, leather and tweed were seamlessly bonded by soft silk, hardware metal and velvet never looked so feminine together as a couple..

My heart felt for the organza corset gown and had no trouble envisioning a princess walking down the aisle dressed in such a precious garment.

Long live McQueen…and toast to the divine craftsmanship that is  Sarah Burton.


2 thoughts on “Long Live Lee McQueen!

  1. I wonder what it feels like to be working for a genius? My guess is you either truly admire and worship them or secretively and ardently hate them wishing for their imminent demise.
    It appears that Sarah Burton belongs to the fist group of people. She worked for 14 years alongside Lee McQueen and now after his death she faithfully carries on his spirit in the beautiful clothes she continues to make for McQueen label. She pays homage to his fashion genius by adhering to the silhouette details indicative of McQueen’s dresses: a nipped-in waist, high peaked shoulder and skirts either bell- or pencil-shaped. Also, she carries on the values of craftsmanship and the innovative manipulation of fabric that her long-time mentor was famed for.
    It appears that Lee’s heritage and the future of his vision and aesthetic is in good hands!

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