O Jason!

Jaw dropping gorgeous, three simple words to describe Jason Wu’s Fall 2011 Collection.

Inspired by old age Versailles, Wu has coupled historic French glamour with modern day American sportswear.

All the pieces are incredibly beautiful, delicate, and alluringly charming.
His reinterpretation of lace was astonishing-especially the grey sweatshirt piece with lace embellished sleeves-what a dramatic way of marrying simplicity and luxury!

The collection told a romantic story of an elegant French mademoiselle’s exciting adventure in America. Her quintessential French style is infused with a shot of American drama.

I love every piece and will sell my car to buy as many looks as I can get my hands on!


One thought on “O Jason!

  1. Lace – what an ultimately feminine detail of clothing! In this collection Jason Wu successfully demonstrated how a smart infusion of lace transforms a simple crew neck (along with its wearer) into an object of allure. The balance of simplicity of the garment and the intricacy of the lace is key to achieving an elegant look. Wu succeeded in delivering this elusive balance. Great collection! And a great post!

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