The Kitty goes Meow?

yes…kitten heels are back..dreadfully but surely. the last time they were all over the shelves was when i was in high school. they were seen as the perfect happy medium between sky high stilettos and modest and proper flats. i fell for the kitten heels’ simple elegance and the clicking sound they made while walking down my school halls.

that was then… today, i am proud to say that i’m the purist who goes for either high or flat, not the awkward length in between.
in my opinion, the odd height and the often pointy shape makes one look like she’s just came off the set of Mad Men instead of a modern woman who’s ready for cocktail hour.unless your name is Jackie O, you might find a hard time strutting in them without looking like a hostess or secretary.

but this season’s kitten heels have changed everything! designers from Stella McCartney to Marc Jacobs sent models down the f/w 2010 runways in nothing but kitten heels. Marc’s LV collection is all about the return to 60’s glam and class; his big bow kitten heels in a myriad selection of rich colours and sumptuous leathers really blew me away. they looked forever timeless and tres chic.

Prada, Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo have all introduced their interpretations of the golden age’s classic shoe…each with its unique print, design, and heel infused with the designers’ genius.
who knows? maybe the kitty really possesses the sexy prow we neglected to notice over the years.


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