Put a Ring on it

someone once told me that it’s bad luck if you buy a ring for yourself
apparently, rings are meant to be bought for you…

i have been obsessing about baobao wan’s yellow diamond butterfly citrine ring ever since i first laid my eyes on it. i have always had a thing for yellow diamond…something about the rarity and golden sparkle of yellow diamond just connects to me

love love love the Jagger Trilogy Ring by Macha Jewerly! the rugged texture, the subtle shine of the metals, the genius design is what makes the ring so unforgettable, unbreakable, and 100% adorable

Bazaar recently feature the bedazzling YSL ring. at first it seemed absurd.. but i soon changed my mind. the coral stone sits firmly within the golden fist. captivated and insulated from everything else

saving the best for the last…my beloved Daivd Yurman engagement ring. anyone propose with this ring, i will say yes. no questions asked…

I propose that we forget about the cliches, and put a ring on ourselves whenever we feel like it


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