club monaco

…is what i often refer to as.. my store.

a sizable portion of my closet is comprised of CM’s urban simplicity.

this is not to say i don’t have the taste for lanvin or jil sander. rather it is in my belief that club monaco has done a marvelous job in grasping the idea of modern chic and offering them at an affordable price.

just recently, cm introduced the "courtney" bag. weather or not it is reminiscent of chanel’s 2.55 is for you to decide. the gold chain strap is all too familiar. countless designers have introduced the amiable chain strap to their handbag collection, but none comparable to the 2.55.

i dont know what is stopping me from getting on the wait-list for "courtney".

i like the ruffled soft leather texture. the size is appropriate. the price is reasonable.

perhaps i just don’t like the idea of owning a "resembling" piece rather than the original?
is it utterly intolerable to wear a tweed blazer that doesn’t have the chanel tag? to run around in a pair of red-sole stilettos other than louboutins?
or we can all wear whoever we want regardless of the design of origin?
i am not talking about the obsessive need to wear head-to-toe labels, but rather my questionable uphold of only owning the pioneer in design?

cheers to courtney


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