Mickey Mouse is good for your soul

Mickey Mouse is good for your soul

Markus Lupfer pink sweater
550 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Jean shorts

Converse white shoes
110 CAD – converse.com

Vintage handbag
29 CAD – shein.com

Dsquared2 red bracelet
210 CAD – yoox.com

Dsquared2 orange bracelet
210 CAD – yoox.com

Dsquared2 purple jewelry
210 CAD – yoox.com

Guys, what shoes are you wearing?

I am going to go out on a limb and say that a guy’s chance of successfully getting a date/hook up/girlfriend or whatever form of impressing an attractive female will increase by 55% if he had on better shoes. Better than the ones he’s wearing right now. Yes, look down at your feet, what shoes are you wearing?

Are they scuffed up?

Are they pointy and pointed upwards like elf shoes?

Are the laces so worn out they’re now thin and strappy vs. thick and sturdy?

Are you really wearing summer dress shoes in the middle of winter?

Or…are they just plain ugly?


I made my opening comment not because I think all women are super facial, rather a good pair of shoes tells me that:

1. You have taste. You appreciate and take interest things that are atheistically pleasing. I could trust that you’d share similar good taste in music, books, and movies. 2. You know what to splurge on. Shoes for men are like handbags for women, a key accessory that sets you apart and adds style. If you care at all to be stylish, that is. 3, You are not 23 anymore and still think Aldo is couture. You are a grown man who takes the time to take care of himself. Most importantly, you know there’s value in dressing well and isn’t afraid to show it.

Be good to yourself, gentlemen, and go get a good pair of kicks. Obviously, don’t do it just for the women.

This Prada bag needs to be worn, like this.

This Prada bag needs to be worn, like this.

Jil Sander turtleneck sweater
$2,245 – net-a-porter.com

Current/Elliott distressed jeans
$285 – farfetch.com

60s gloom glam

60s gloom glam

Prada tube dress
$1,170 – yoox.com

Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana tote
$2,030 – farfetch.com

Brunello Cucinelli scarve

Let there be light -Style staple #14 Sun dress-

blog dress


It’s summer in Canada. Which is maximum 2 months out of the 12. Finally it’s hot out, which means you and I need a new summer dress.

I’ve always pictured the perfect summer dress as light, airy, and undoubtedly floral. After all, it’s not summer unless  it’s filled with flowers, everywhere.

I am old now and can no longer sport anything super short. Instead, I opted for something just above the knee, showing just the right amount of legs without hanging my behind out for the world to see.

I like something that flows, for those rare moments when you feel like twirling in circles as if you were 5 again.

And as the saying goes, “happiness is a beautiful dress that doesn’t need ironing”, so be sure to look for a dress that doesn’t wrinkle easily and you’ll be able to wear it as soon as you land in a sunny destination.

Even if you can’t get away, I would still urge you to visit a park, pack a picnic, and hop on the green lawn in your favorite summer dress.