COS, Coat


Originally, I had plans to procure a camel coloured coat this winter. You know, one of those classics every fashion blog has commanded you to own. I pictured a velvety, creamy, cashmere-y coat so soft to the touch, that you’d want to snuggle in it all winter long.

Many years ago, I came face-to-face with a Max Mara number that fitted that exact description: ankle length, hidden buttons, beautifully tied together with an enclosed belt. I was window shopping with a friend and couldn’t resist the temptation to try it on..and bam, I went from “she-can-never-afford-this-coat-forever21-girl” to “I-am-Olivia Palermo-for-a-living-20something-sociallite” in a blink of an eye.

It was gorgeous. I swear my mouth foamed up with drool when I saw myself in the mirror. It was also ridiculous: not only for its price tag, but I’d literally have to reinvent myself in order to pull it off (new shoes, scarf, bag, sunglasses, and better also get a chauffer). Reluctantly, I peeled it off– but to my surprise, I immediately felt liberated without it. It just wasn’t my time yet for a coat like that.

Last winter, I finally had the fortune of checking out a COS store having read about its minimalistic chic design so long ago. I loved everything in the store–simple yet architectural, with muted sex appeal, very Scandinavian– which made sense for being the elegant older sister of H&M. Then this coat caught my eye, it was so different: its silhouette is not feminine but boxy, material is not velvety soft but slightly rough, colour is certainly not camel but grey. But I fell in love with it just as same as the Max Mara, except, I felt 100% myself in it.

Sometimes we get lost coveting for something for the wrong reasons—isn’t it more important to opt for a garment that makes you, you?

COS structured coat

COS Coat

COS structured coat

Micky Mouse is good for the soul

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Think it was couple seasons ago, Marc Jacobs had a collection where Disney’s iconic ambassador, Mickey, was prominently featured on crop tops worn by seriously seductive models. Shortly after, Miley Cyrus sports the look right on the money, winning countless features in fashion magazines everywhere.

I mean, who can blame Miley? Mickey Mouse is hot! I had been looking for an affordable-non-Marc Jacobs-version of an everyday shirt with Mickey front and center for a long time, so you can imagine my giddiness when I spotted this grey cotton tee at an Uniqlo in Tokyo. It was our first night in the city and we were so overwhelmed by every bit of Shinjuku, so much so that we only allotted 10 minutes to shop (you can’t NOT walk into a ginormous Uniqlo when you see one).

Needless to say, I sneaked back into the fitting room and changed into the shirt immediately after checking out—I looked in the mirror and somehow felt more Tokyoan than ever.

Guys, what shoes are you wearing?

I am going to go out on a limb and say that a guy’s chance of successfully getting a date/hook up/girlfriend or whatever form of impressing an attractive female will increase by 55% if he had on better shoes. Better than the ones he’s wearing right now. Yes, look down at your feet, what shoes are you wearing?

Are they scuffed up?

Are they pointy and pointed upwards like elf shoes?

Are the laces so worn out they’re now thin and strappy vs. thick and sturdy?

Are you really wearing summer dress shoes in the middle of winter?

Or…are they just plain ugly?


I made my opening comment not because I think all women are super facial, rather a good pair of shoes tells me that:

1. You have taste. You appreciate and take interest things that are atheistically pleasing. I could trust that you’d share similar good taste in music, books, and movies. 2. You know what to splurge on. Shoes for men are like handbags for women, a key accessory that sets you apart and adds style. If you care at all to be stylish, that is. 3, You are not 23 anymore and still think Aldo is couture. You are a grown man who takes the time to take care of himself. Most importantly, you know there’s value in dressing well and isn’t afraid to show it.

Be good to yourself, gentlemen, and go get a good pair of kicks. Obviously, don’t do it just for the women.

Heigh Ho, High Low


 Last Sunday we went out for a walk. Knowing summer is almost over, I was looking for every opportunity to get my shorts on.

 Dior with denim cut offs

Bejeweled necklace with a plain black tee

Nautical striped espadrilles 

Such is the simplicity of a weekend stroll

Comfortable. Chic. Carefree